How to be an Effective Facilitator in Buying and Selling Buses

Over 28 years ago in Wilmington DE, I got my start in the industry by operating a limousine service in 1985. During that time I had numerous opportunities to purchase and sell equipment. When I sold my business , I became a sales man and successfully learned how to properly negotiate purchases, set up sales, and understand the equipment specifications of the conventional and current bus fleets.
As your broker, I am with you from start to finish in the buying and selling process. As a new client, I will work closely with you to find the bus best suited for your operations and budget. The process does not end there. We will then inspect the vehicle, negotiate the sale, and set up delivery. We also have the ability to export vehicles overseas as well. After the delivery, we are always available for questions, part searches, and problem solving. I understand the importance of keeping your equipment on the road and minimizing down time. At Bus and Trolley Sales, we have a full in house repair facility and stock many of the parts needed for a quick repair. If we don’t have it, we can help you get it quickly.

Most of my clients stay with me for many years and we are instrumental in the sale and acquisition of new fleet vehicles going forward. I am able to set up deals with buyers for your old equipment and negotiate the purchase of new equipment to facilitate a smooth transition and on time delivery.
My focus is customer service and being accessible and understanding your needs as an operator. I “qualify” sellers to minimize expense when searching for used equipment.
Please visit our website for more information about how we can help you in your search for new and used buses and trolleys as well as testimonials from satisfied clients.

Bus Broker
We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience with our services, the broker fee will be waived.
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Is your fleet ready for a TROLLEY?

 charter trolley

Get more bang for your buck….. buy a trolley!!

Is your fleet ready for a trolley?  Trolley’s have some very unique selling features that riders truly enjoy.  Trolley’s are multi-functional and can be used for all types of applications.  We have been in the trolley business for 35 years and have some great insight to share with you.

  • A new or used trolley is half the cost of some limo buses.
  • A trolley can hold more than 32 passengers comfortably.
  • A trolley is a great vehicle for wedding parties and group transportation.
  • Trolley’s have an easy to maintain interior.  There is nothing to break.
  • People just like trolleys.  They have a certain charm about them.
  • Trolley’s can be equipped with full windows and A/C, which is a must for the wedding business.
  • A trolley is great advertising for your business.   They can also be advertising for other types of businesses as well.  You can create revenue by shrink wrapping your trolley.
  • Trolley’s have diesel engines which are recommended for longer engine life and they run cooler in the summer months.

Trolley’s should be fully inspected prior to purchase.  We are trolley specialists and can help you locate the perfect trolley for your business.  Give BUSMAN Bonney a call today at 267-446-4628 or email him directly at for more information.

10 Things an Operator Should Know About Selling A Bus

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  1. When selling a used bus, it is imperative that the bus has a current inspection and will pass a DOT inspection.
  2. Have all service records available for review and offer a complete copy to the purchaser.
  3. Offer to pay for a 3rd party inspection prior to purchase
  4. Let the purchaser know if the bus is currently in service.
  5. Having a full set of pictures makes a huge difference in the amount of time it will take to sell your bus.  Most buyers are buying long distance and rely on proper complete photos in order to make the decision to travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles in order to see the bus and drive it away.
  6. Pictures should include:

Interior from front to back

Driver’s compartment

Odometer and dashboard

Exterior photos of all sides

Undercarriage photos (New England units will have rust from road salt)

7. Shooting a video is extremely helpful and can be posted within all ads and websites as well.

8. Determine what the “Fair Market Value” is for your bus prior to listing it (we can help you determine this number)

9. Run a CARFAX  and provide a copy to the purchaser.  It shows that you are an honest seller and saves the buyer time in evaluating your bus.

10. First impressions are very important.  A thorough cleaning/detailing of the bus is well worth the investment.

Most all buyers want to take the bus for a test drive prior to making a decision.  Make sure all systems are in working order.  If not point out what needs to be fixed.  Better to be up front with the buyer.  A cost reduction to make repairs always works well.

If you have additional questions or would like to list your bus for sale on our website, please contact BUSMAN Bonney at 267-446-4628

10 Things an Operator Should Know About Buying a Bus

With over 35 years of industry experience as a ground transportation operator as well as a bus broker, we would like to share some insight with you.


If you are new to the business, the 10 tips below will help you steer clear of some of the most common mistakes new bus buyers make.

  1. Make sure you will be able to get insurance on your bus in your state.  You will need a minimum of $5 million in liability.
  2. The DOT (Department of Transportation) requires all drivers to have a CDL license to drive vehicles rated for 14 passengers or more.
  3. New vs. Used. A new bus will come with a bumper to bumper warranty and should minimize any down time.  Being a first time bus owner it could be devastating to your business if your bus breaks down and it is your only one.  Used buses are a good buy for operators with existing bus fleets who know what to look for regarding preventative maintenance and normal wear and tear.  Buying a used bus can save you thousands of dollars and a bus with 50,000 miles or less is just “broken in”.
  4. You will need to pick a chassis and drivetrain.  The V-10 gas engine is great for the smaller buses and almost any garage can work on them.  For larger passenger capacities you should always chose a diesel engine.  They are made to handle the larger load.  For the larger bus chassis, we recommend Freightliner or International.  We recommend Ford or Chevy for the smaller chassis.
  5.  A/C (front and rear) and seatbelts are not a standard option.  Make sure your bus has both.
  6. When buying a used bus make sure that you get a copy of all preventative maintenance done on the bus, verify the existing warranty and make sure it will be transferable.  It is worth spending a few hundred dollars on an extensive inspection prior to purchase to rule out any expensive repairs once you own the bus. Lastly, run a CARFAX to make sure the unit has not been involved in an accident.
  7. Gas engines are not recommended over 100,000 miles.  This is when they tend to start requiring repairs.
  8. Make sure the bus will pass a DOT inspection prior to purchase.  You may have to make some modifications due to your state inspector’s requirements.
  9. Make sure you have a back up camera installed as well as a back up alarm.
  10. If your bus is equipped with an “air door”, make sure you can get replacement parts easily and inspect it for leaks prior to purchase.

If you would like more helpful tips are to learn more about purchasing a new or used bus, please contact BUSMAN Bonney at 267-446-4628